"The Morning Comes EP"


Friday 20 January 2017 is set for new Bernhoft EP. That evening sees Bernhoft & The Fashion Bruises live on stage at Rockefeller, Oslo.

"The Morning Comes EP" contains five new songs, including the singles "We Have A Dream" and upcoming "Visceral". The EP was produced by fellow musicians Eivind Helgerød and Nicolay Tangen-Svennæs.

Musically, Bernhoft still in the intersection between the electronic and organic. Where previous EP "Stop / shutup / Shout It Out" had a funky, playful and direct sound, "The Morning Comes EP" draws in a more guts and innovative direction. Four of five tracks are written with Helgerød and Tangen Svennæs, while "You Belong" was created by Swedish hiphop producer Chords (Timbuktu, Petter).

"The title track started as a neat little piano riff Nicolay had, and then I went amok with bass and microphone and scissors before Eivind and Nico mashed it again and made it better. That's how it is to work with them. They have in a great way no respect for my ideas. The beat for "You Belong" is sampled from vinyl, and then jacked with some beatbox-ideas and a synth. I got to play a little baritongitar also, to keep the guitar a little bit alive. "

"The EP is characterized by strong doubt and ambivalence about my own position, own attitudes and choices, really a doubt about everything. As I write my perception of the direction the Western world view/regard humanity is shaken. I've been an optimist on that we are less and less gazing dog on the hairs, but then racism becomes violent, particularly in the US. I feel it is tricky to keep on the optimism. I have some kind of statute for myself, when I try to define what I'm doing it is like to contribute, through what I am doing, but also what I look like, to tear down some fences and build some bridges between people. And it has suddenly felt unspeakably naive "(Bernhoft).

"The Morning Comes EP" is mixed by Lasse Mårten, mastered by Chris Sansom / Propeller Mastering.